We are an established team of legal professionals with strong traditions of excellence and a long record of courtroom successes, represented in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Perm and Saint Petersburg since 2000.

As a full-service firm, INTELLECT offers legal aid in prestigious core competencies in which we are recognized as the best in the field in Russia: representation in civil and commercial courts, IP protection, TMT, bankruptcy, patents, corporate, M&A, competition, trademarks, tax, realty, family law, and enforcement.

We warrant and guarantee the highest quality, competence and confidentiality of any and all of our services, even not named above, as the level of INTELLECT's professional recognition binds us to conform to the highest of quality standards at all times.

NOTE. We provide services only in the absence of any conflict of interest or where our services do not contravene any rules of criminal, administrative or civil law and corporate ethics.

  • Intellectual Property
    • Representation in IP disputes, including domain name disputes
    • Registration of trademarks, computer software and databases needing protection
    • Patenting inventions, industrial designs and utility models
    • Protection of authors’ rights and related rights
    • Antitrust and advertising, including protection against unfair competition and deceptive advertising
    • International registration of trademarks
    • International patenting, including filing patent applications under the terms of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
    • Franchises, transfers of knowhow, and protection of trade secrets
    • Licenses and license agreements; assignments of trademarks, computer software and patents; filing for official registration of disposals of IP rights
  • Business Law and Commercial Litigation
    • Legal support outsourcing and advisory services packages
    • Advice on contracts and claims; identifying commercial and tax risk; negotiation and mediation
    • Advice on doing business in Russia and Due Diligence of investment targets
    • Representation in commercial litigation, including all types of disputes, and legal support for enforcement.
    • Legal services for public procurement contractors and contesting bidding results
  • Criminal Law: Economic Crimes
    • Field audit legal services
    • Representation of the interests of businessmen and official bodies in white collar crime cases
    • Legal defence of business
    • Organization and carrying out of corporate investigations
  • Corporate Law and Corporate Litigation
    • Accreditation of international companies’ offices in Russia
    • Corporate legal services, corporate finance and financial market compliance
    • Corporate disclosures
    • Review and due diligence of obligations, corporate documents, investment projects and transactions
    • Shareholder and member dispute resolution and mediation
    • Protection against corporate raids, hostile takeovers, blackmail and greenmail
    • Incorporation, restructuring, reorganization and winding-up. Shareholders’ and members’ agreements
    • Legal supervision at general meetings
    • Advisory on the issuance of securities
    • Representation of creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and termination proceedings
  • Tax Law and Tax Litigation
    • Tax planning, tax optimization and tax efficiency structuring, identification and management of tax risks, and detecting tax overpayments
    • Preparation for and supervision of tax audits and legal support for auditees
    • Representation in tax disputes and tax claims in and out of court
    • Incorporation of international and offshore companies and advice on their operation
  • Labor: Legal Support for Employers, Labor Disputes
    • Auditing and bringing HR documentation in line with the law
    • Assistance in and advice on workforce restructuring and downsizing, and cost control
    • Advice on international labor employment
    • Representation before regulators and courts
  • Real Estate, Construction, Energy and Infrastructure
    • Checking titles to land and other realty; legal support for investment projects and transactions.
    • Filing for the official registration of titles to properties and property transactions; obtaining building permits and zoning consents
    • Determining the surveyor status of land properties and rezoning
    • Forest plot lease
    • Representation in disputes related to properties in new developments and construction, investment, energy and utilities
    • Legal support for the realty maintenance and operation business
    • Advice on development, construction and connection to public utilities and services. Representation in disputes with utility sub-subscribers
    • Assistance in preemptive buyout of rented properties under Federal Law No.159-FZ
  • Liquidation and Bankruptcy: Protection of Creditor or Debtor Interests
    • Representation of debtors in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings
    • Representation of corporate creditors in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings
    • Personal bankruptcy
  • Foreign Economic Activity, International Private Law
    • Advice on general matters of international business, customs procedures, currency regulations, and export controls
    • Assistance in making international contracts; due diligence of international contractors’ documentation, and negotiations
    • Conducting disputes related to foreign economic activity
  • Family & Inheritance: Advice for Business Community Members
    • Advice on marital and family property matters; drafting marriage articles, pre-nuptial agreements and settlement deeds
    • Legal advice and representation in divorces, minimization of legal risks of loss of business and assets
    • Estate planning, including transfer of business to selected successors and prevention of business and asset splitting
  • Industry-specific offers
    • Representation of institutional and corporate lenders (such as banks, housing mortgage finance agencies and other types of financial facility providers), which includes massive litigation in multiple simultaneous actions and suits
    • Hospitality and Entertainment — HoReCa
    • Representation of corporate borrowers and loan guarantors in disputes with lending credit institutions
    • Representation of individual consumer borrowers and guarantors in disputes with lending credit institutions
    • Legal aid for investors aggrieved by bad-faith utility providers
    • Incorporation and legal support for non-profit entities

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