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What is INTELLECT's core competency? Our background and telltale name instantly associate us with Intellectual Property — an IP firm. True, patents and IP rights protection were indeed our core competency at the firm's foundation back in 2000, and it was 100% true for a few years onward.

Now, though, INTELLECT is, and has been for almost a decade, rolling from success to success as a diversified, multidisciplinary, full-service firm. Our 14 successful industry-focused practices, with a few illustrious names at the lead of some, are integrated so as to cover almost all advisory requirements of our clients in business.

At one time, we pitched our marketing and communication efforts to re-identify INTELLECT as a multidisciplinary firm. Despite our efforts and our successes in corporate, tax, labor and international private law sectors, however, the local bar still says, INTELLECT? Oh yes. They represent IP owners.

But facts keep saying that we are a multidisciplinary full-service firm, although we may be known primarily for our IP practice on the square.

Корпоративная регата INTELLECT

Корпоративная парусная регата была частью летнего праздника INTELLECT Yacht Party, проходившего 13 июня 2021 года на озере Увильды.

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