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Our Clients

Among our clients are domestic and international enterprises of different sizes and private persons operating in such industries including Heavy Industry and Machine Building, IT&T, Food and Manufacture, Restaurants and Catering, Transport and Retail, Finance and Insurance, and many others.


  • Hino Motors Ltd, a diesel trucks manufacturer and a member of Toyota Group.
  • BauTex, a Russian-German company, one of the largest manufacturers of production based on fibre glass and leading distributor of raw materials for glassfiber plastics production in Russia and Europe.
  • Zavod AND Gaztrubplast, CIS's biggest producer of plastic pipes and plastic utility products.
  • OAO Cordiant, a leading Russian tyre manufacture holding around 21 per cent of the Russina tyre market.
  • OAO Sibelectromotor, an electric motors manufacturer.
  • Yandex, a leading Russian Internet company owning Russia's biggest search engine.
  • Qiwi,a leading Russian payment service.
  • SCB Kontur, a leading software developer.
  • Transavision Ltd, Cypres, a partner of GSC Game World, Ukraine, IT company and developper of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series, the most popular video game series in the post-Soviet countries and one of the world's best known.
  • AlternativaPlatform International Group, a multiplayer online games and services developer working closely with Adobe Systems, Incorporated, USA, a global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions.
  • Witek, one of the largest snack and confection producers in Urals Region.
  • Hermis PRO Co Ltd, a European capital company that offers comprehensive distribution, wholesale, logistics, and merchandising services and specializes is promoting brand cheeses and dairy products.
  • Okręgowa Spуłdzielnia Mleczarska w Sierpcu, Spoldzielnia Obrotu Towarowego Przemyslu Mleczarskiego, Polish cheese and diary producers.
  • DeltaCredit Bank
  • Bank 24.ru
  • AS Finance, a lease finance provider.
  • CenterObuv, a domestic footware manufacturer and omr of the biggest Russian footware retail chains.
  • Erich Krause, a leading producer of office suppliers.
  • GrossHaus, Russian federal office supplies retail chain.
  • EnviroChemie, a leading plant engineering company for industrial water treatment, water circulation and wastewater treatment.
  • Atomstroykomplex, one of the leading real estate development and building materials companies in the Ural Federal District Russia.
  • TOM – UPI, a leading installer of climate systems.
  • STG Group (Stroytransgaz), an international diversified construction holding, one of the leaders in the Russian market.
  • Promsvyaz,  a federal significance manufacturer of telecommunications facilities.
  • HUAWEI, A leading global ICT solutions provider.
  • Ural Airlines, one of the largest rapidly developing Russian airlines.
  • Pollena-Ural, a Polish producer of plastic containers for cosmetics, foods and household chemicals.
  • Radian, a federal significance company specializing in development and servising of security system.
  • AVANTA PERSONNEL, a leading Russian stuffing agency, subsidiary of Adecco Group.
  • Uralsevergas, represents in the Ural Federal District oil and gas company "ITERA", one of the biggest producer and seller of oil gas in Russia.
  • STP-content, one of the biggest regional channels.
  • Huntleigh Technology Ltd, manufacturer and distributor worldwide of sophisticated obstetrical equipment.
  • Gazprom, a global energy company.
  • Hilton, one of the largest hospitality companies in the world.
  • PAPARAZZI, a pizza restaurant project of Fedor Bondarchuk in Ekaterinburg (Fedor Bondarchuk is a well-known Russian film director (his most famous and recognized movies is The 9th Company, original title Russian: "9 рота", actor, producer and a Chairman of Lenfilm's Board of directors, one of the major Russian film studios); recently we are involved in PAPARAZZI intragroup trademark licence structuring project, our involvement include licence and sublicence agreements drafting and providing registration of agreement with Rospatent.
  • Laplandia, a significant regional winter clothing producer and fur clothing retailer operating in Urals and Siberia Regions.

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