Crowdfunding and P2P Lending in the World

Comparative research on Crowdfunding and P2P Lending: 23 jurisdictions in Legalink.

INTELLECT took part in Legalink research on Crowdfunding and P2P Lending, among other law firms from 23 jurisdictions.

On January 1, 2020, the law on crowdfunding comes into force in Russia (Federal law enacted on August 2, 2019, 'On attracting investments by means of investment platforms').

In anticipation of this event, Legalink has published the research prepared by the participants from 23 different countries all over the world. The research covers regulatory issues of p2p lending and investments through crowdfunding platforms in each of the 23 jurisdictions. Information on the Russian law has been provided by INTELLECT lawyers.

The research may interest both the new market players and lawyers, considering that crowdfunding is a relatively new form of investment for Russia.

Results of the research are available on Legalink official website.

Download the book >>

International projects of INTELLECT, including activities within Legalink, are coordinated by Philipp Koverchenko, Eugenia Lomakina and Vadim Stetsenko, the International Desk team.

Business Transactions, International Law

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