Anatolii Zazulin

Senior associate

e-mail: [email protected]
Anatolii Zazulin

Practice areas

  • Support in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Civil and arbitrazh litigation.
  • Сriminal proceeding.
  • Civil law.


2014 – Institute of State and International Law, Ural State Law University.

Professional activity

Since 2011, he provided free legal services in the Legal Clinic of the Ural State Law University, advising citizens on the issues related to housing law and housing and communal services.

In 2012 and 2013, he worked as an assistant to private practitioners, supporting the collection of debts in favor of heat power companies.

He joined INTELLECT’s team in February 2014 as an intern. Upon completion of his probation, he was invited to the position of a junior associate. In 2015, he was promoted to the position of an associate. In 2018, in connection with the defense of his candidate’s thesis, he was awarded the status of a senior associate.

Anatoly is engaged in various areas of legal practice: he represents clients in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts on issues of business and corporate law, supports the collection of debts from individuals and legal entities within the framework of enforcement proceedings, protects the rights of victims of crime in law-enforcement agencies.

Sphere of Anatoly’s academic interests: use of digital information technologies in the course of criminal proceedings. He is a moderator of the RITVUS scientific portal dedicated to the development of information technologies in criminal proceedings. He is the author of the monograph “Use of Digital Information in Proving for Criminal Cases” published by the publishing house "Jurlitinform" in 2019.

Anatoln's most notable courtroom accomplishments include:

  • Protecting the interests of a client who suffered from the hacking of his corporate email by competitors and the subsequent leak of commercially sensitive information. After a long period of cooperation with law-enforcement agencies, he managed to have criminal proceedings initiated for illegal access to computer information (Article 272 of the Russian Criminal Code) and to carry out a number of investigative actions.
  • Successful collection from the director of an organization of millions-worth losses caused by him to the company as a result of illegal and unreasonable allotment of a bonus associated with his own salary.
  • Invalidation in court of a debtor's transactions on alienation of two premium-class cars made in order to hide property from a creditor even before the creditor filed a lawsuit on debt collection.
  • Successful legal action against an unfair developer which initiated a lawsuit to “hang” liability for the loss of important construction documentation on the organization that it itself expelled from the construction site. The organization, a client of INTELLECT, was engaged in construction supervision and had nothing to do with the loss of the design documentation, but the developer demanded to recover from it more than 11.7 million rubles allegedly spent to duplicate the missing documents. Anatoly Zazulin together with Andrey Tishkovsky managed to prove that the developer’s claims were illegal: the court of first instance dismissed the claims, a decision that was supported also by the courts of appeal and cassation instances. If not for the lawyers’ professionalism, the claim could most probably have been satisfied.

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