Anna Ustyushenko

Head of Employment practice, Head of Energy & Utilities practice
INTELLECT-S The Group of Law Firms
Anna Ustyushenko

Practice areas

  • Labor law (including apprenticeship, industrial safety, internal regulation of employment, and employment of expatriate staff).
  • Civil and arbitrazh litigation.


    Professional activity

    During her spectacular career with INTELLECT-S, Anna

    • successfully represented clients in dozens of business disputes in arbitrazh courts;
    • drafted a large number of internal policies and regulations for a large city hospitality complex;
    • represented an employer in multiple cases for the recovery of its investment in its employees' training, compounded by multiple actions filed in different courts, a large number of defendants, scarcity of case law addressing the issue, and the need to obtain in evidence experts' learned opinions on labor law for authoritative interpretation of the rules of the existing labor code; and
    • skilful handling a labor dispute between a large mobile operator and its employee over the recovery of the cost of his training in the context of absence of any case law related to the issue.

    In 2017 and 2018 Anna was listed in Best Lawyers in Russia ranking.

    Best Lawyers, 2015

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