Int’l CSTB Forum: Telecom & Media 2018

01 february 2018

INTELLECT-S Senior Associate Mikhail Hoholkov to speak in the Legal Advice Section.

International CSTB Forum — Telecom & Media'2018

January 30 – February 1 2018
Moscow, Crocus Expo Center, Pavilion 2


The 20th International CSTB Exhibition Forum — Telecom & Media 2018 features more than 15 various events: strategic sessions, roundtables, discussions and presentations

INTELLECT-S's Senior Associate Mikhail Khokholkov will address the session of the Legal Advice Section to be held in Hall F of Pavilion 2 of the Crocus Expo Center, from 11.00 a.m. till 2.00 p.m.

Legal Advice Section Agenda

  •  Overview

Elena Gultyaeva, Legal Counsel, Association of Cable TV of Russia

  • Telecom and Media Companies' Legal Risks. New Legislation. Third Antipiracy Package.

Pavel Katkov, Senior Partner, Katkov & Partners

  • Restriction of Foreign Participation in Telecoms and Mass Media: New Legislation

Olesya Kuznetsova, Director, Legal Department, OOO Orion Express

  • [Subject to be specified further]

Tatiana Nikiforova, IP, IT and Telecom Counsel, Dentons

  • Admission of Operators to Residential Blocks: Issues and Solutions

Valentina Lagaeva, Rostelekom

  • Subscribers' Personal Data: Legal Aspects of Use and Protection

Evgeny Vlasov, Head, Legal Division, OOO Selectel

  • Authors' and Broadcaster's Rights: Striking the Right Balance. Modern Theory and Practice

Karine Ayrapetova, Managing Partner, Ayrapetova & Partners.

  • Advertising Law 2.0: Federal Antimonopoly Services Goes Online. Telecom Operators' Liability for Violations of Advertising Laws

Mikhail Khokholkov, Senior Associate, INTELLECT-S

  • Q&A
    Event guest — Mikhail Khokholkov

    Advertising, Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property, Media

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