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User-friendly mobile Bank

Copyrighting audit of IT products for one of the top Russian Bank

Our comment:

INTELLECT-S is representing the Bank, which is one of Russia's top 15 financial institutions, which ordered a copyright audit of IT products.

The Bank asked INTELLECT-S to audit popular user-friendly mobile banking applications as part of the due diligence of the software before it bought the license to use them.

The applications were developed using approximately 60 so-called dynamic link libraries (DLL's) and other programmes which belonged to international holders in the United States, UK, Australia and Japan and were distributed under open licenses. As part of our audit, we reviewed a large number of international license agreements order to determine if it had been legal to use such libraries and other third-party software in the applications. In particular, we had to identify the terms and restrictions of DLL's use in commercial mobile applications as might be contained in Common Public License Version 1.0, GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1, 3.0, Eclipse Public License Version 1.0, SIL Open Font License, Apache License Version 2.0, Boost Software License Version 1.0, the Curl License, the "New" BSD License, the Zlib License, and the MIT License.

The case was carried out by Anastasia Makhneva, Partner, INTELLECT-S.

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