INTELLECT Participating in MSU Legal Games

Maxim Labzin, senior partner, became the coach of one of the student teams. He is assisted by lawyers Anastasia German and Vadim Stetsenko.

Masters' Games are the legal games held by the Masters School of the Department of Law of the Moscow State University n.a. M.V. Lomonosov, an education project which allows the bachelor's degree program students to solidify their knowledge gained during course work while playing. The main aspect of the games is the active interaction of the students with legal practitioners and the possibility of working on a real legal case. The project makes it possible to obtain a hands-on experience in legal work.

The opening of the fall season of the Masters' Games 2019 took place in October. Seven student teams take part in the legal games coached by the lawyers of:

  • Unilever Russia,
  • PARADIGMA law firm,
  • YEPAM Law Office,
  • Bartolius Law Office,
  • Debevoise & Plimpton LLP law firm, and
  • INTELLECT Law Firm.

Essentially, the Masters' Games are about the following: the coach sets a specific task to his/her team under a real legal case, the students work to solve it and then present the result to a judging panel. The judging panel includes outstanding science and education representatives having no explicit connections with the legal companies or legal departments.

During the performance of the task, the team meets regularly with the coach in his/her office to discuss any intermediate results, any issues arising, and any further steps. The rules of the games prohibit involving any third parties in the project other than the coach and his/her two assistants.

The final of the Masters' Games with determination of the winners and distribution of awards is scheduled for early December. The top prize of the legal games – the possibility of undertaking an internship in any company from among those participating in the project – is awarded to each and every student of the winning team.

Вадим Стеценко, Анастасия Герман, Максим Лабзин

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