Law Firm Management

06 december 2019

Anastasia Makhneva, INTELLECT, speaks in Moscow at the annual IBA conference devoted to discussions of legal business problems.

Law Firm Management
The 13 th Annual IBA Conference

6 December, 2019 year
Moscow, Marriott Hotel Novy Arbat

Organizer: International Bar Association

International Bar Association

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International Bar Association

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Conference Program

Session 1. 10 reasons to worry. What worries the managing partners?

In the course of this discussion, the representatives of various law firms will review the current situation and highlight the main problems in the legal profession. Each representative will be able to talk about one problem related to the legal profession.

Format: PechaKucha.


• Vladislav Zabrodin, Managing Partner, Capital Legal Services, Moscow, Russia
• Aku Sorainen, Senior Partner, Sorainen, Tallin, Estonia


  • Evgeny Zhilin, Partner, Quorus, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Aleksander Stepanovskiy, Managing Partner, SPP, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • Otabek Suleimanov, Partner, Centil Law Firm, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Dmitriy Dyakin, Partner, EPAM, Moscow, Russia
  • Oksana Balayan, Managing Partner, Hogan Lovells, Moscow, Russia
  • Arina Shulga, Partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP, New York, USA
  • Dennis Boyle, Senior Counsel, Whiteford Taylor Preston, LLP, Washington, USA
  • Artyom Dudko, Partner, Osborne Clarke, London, United Kingdom
  • Anastasiya Makhneva, Partner, INTELLECT, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Session 2. Market Trends. Where are the leaders heading to? Which way is the modern jurisprudence moving? What is going on in the modern legal market?

The discussion will focus on the latest trends and developments in the various markets. In Russia, for example, there is a clear propensity for spin-offs, while in developed markets there is a consolidation process going on. The participants will assess the extent of the long-term influence that these phenomena have on the market and the new challenges and risks that may arise given the general level of economic development in the country. The speakers will also talk about the various strategies for developing a modern law firm.

Session 3. A look from the outside. The market of legal services through the eyes of clients. What clients really need and what they don't like at all.

The managers of law firms and the senior partners of companies operating in Russia and abroad will share their experience in working with outside lawyers and provide examples of good and bad decisions in choosing a strategy for running the firm and approaches to working with clients.

Session 4. How much to weigh in grams?! Contemporary financial models and their expenditure and income structures. What exactly is the success of a legal firm measured in?

Session 5. Virtual world versus live lawyers?

  • Do the new technologies really challenge the legal business people?
  • Are we really competing with artificial intelligence?
  • Ligaltech marching solemnly: What are the real implications for the management of a law firm?

Session 6. A partner, not a freeloader. Do the current partnership models slow down firm development and innovations?

Session 7. Nobody carries on a war now wearing a single-breasted jacket! Present-day leaders of successful law firms: style icons, habit setters, example to follow, or ...?

Is it possible to be a true leader outside a law firm? What do lawyers do in their spare time and how can it help them communicate with clients? Advice to the younger generation from professionals.

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Event guest — Anastasia Makhneva

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