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Protection of the trademark's originality

One of the biggest Meat manufacturer in the Sverdlovsk Region kept its market position

Our comment:

INTELLECT-S represented one of the biggest prefabricated meat manufacturers in the Sverdlovsk Region, whose competitor from another Ural region, Chelyabinsk, attempted to oust it from the dumpling market.

Our client's Chelyabinsk rival acted in bad faith: it registered trademarks confusingly similar to Eekanerinburg meat manufacture's recognizable style of the packaging of its entire product range, and then sued it seeking an injunction to stop it producing and selling its products, and to pay a large amount in damages for alleged infringements trademarks.

In representing our client, we persuaded the court to dismiss the action of it's rival for lack of valid grounds. In parallel to the court proceedings, we have filed for the registration of Eekanerinburg meat manufacture's all packaging styles as trademarks, and for cancellation of it's competitors' bad faith registrations.

The case was carried out by Evgeny Shestakov, Managing partner, INTELLECT-S.

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