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Collaboration with Law Schools

Our projects which are implemented in collaboration with the Law Schools, contribute to higher culture in the study of law.

Support for academic legal education is INTELLECT-S's large-scale corporate social responsibility initiative. The firm's key partner is the Law and Business Institute of the Ural State Law Academy in Yekaterinburg, the home town of INTELLECT-S and 42 members of its 64-strong staff.

We have partnered with the USLA since early in 2011 when our managing partner Evgeny Shestakov joined the board of trustees of its Law and Business Institute and discussed the guidelines for the partnership.

Following these guidelines,

  • Evgeny Shestakov and Anastasia Makhneva developed and read to LBI senior graduates a series of lectures on the basics of organization of a law firm's business in the spring semester of the 2011/12 academic year;
  • INTELLECT-S founded four scholarships awarded to the LBI's best undergraduates showing top results in the study of law, paid every semester (twice a year). As a bonus, successful undergraduates may freely attend legal events organized by INTELLECT-S;
  • the firm holds regular student conferences and round tables in its offices with its experts as guest speakers; and
  • INTELLECT-S's internship program has become a fixture; the firm selects candidates among LBI undergraduates for programs of on-the-job training under experienced counselors' supervision and pays them scholarships.

Explains managing partner Evgeny Shestakov:

We give importance to supporting future lawyers; we are interested in helping law graduates to become real professionals in their areas, so that law firms employ highly qualified specialists. All our projects which are implemented in collaboration with the Law and Business Institute, contribute to higher culture in the study of law and development of the legal profession.

Social outreach is not the only function of this project; it allows the firm to tap young talent and recruit prospective fee earners.

In the fall of 2012, INTELLECT-S made its first contacts with the law school of the National Research University in Perm where the firm has its second largest office which also looks for young talent and is capable of productive collaboration with the school.

INTELLECT-S's educational initiative in partnership with the USLA Law and Business Institute was chosen the best social project and won in April 2012 the annual Legal Success Law Firm Award 2012 in the Support for Education and Culture category of the contest held by the professional magazine Legal Success.

The contest organizers noted the professional and social maturity of the entrants and the difficulty the judges had selecting the best of the best projects.

Comments INTELLECT-S Director for Development Anastasia Makhneva:

This award made us really happy, for we competed against most strong rivals. The organizers said in their release it was not easy to choose the winner; there were biggest national firms and the Moscow offices of the renowned international firms among the entrants.

Students in the head office of INTELLECT-S

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