RKN Invites INTELLECT to Work Jointly

Roskomnadzor is setting up Personal Data Competence Centers and engages expert practitioners for cooperation.

Roskomnadzor's (the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies, Communications, and Mass Media) Personal Data Competence Centers are being set up, first and foremost, to help the organizations that act as personal data operators work in compliance with the statutory requirements. In particular, there will be an expert evaluation conducted for any draft documents and local regulatory instruments pertaining to personal data, with an advisory opinion drawn up based on its results.

In addition, the Personal Data Competence Centers, as envisioned by Roskomnadzor, will carry out activities in the following areas:

  • dissemination of positive practices for personal data protection (with reference not only to the agency's oversight function but also to its outreach function),
  • prevention of any violation of the Internet users' rights, identification of potential threats and risk groups, and
  • cross-cultural personal development in the virtual environment.

Thus far, the Competence Centers and working groups have been set up in three federal districts – North Caucasian, Southern, and Urals. Going forward, Roskomnadzor is planing to apply this experience across Russia.

INTELLECT Law Firm is represented by its Managing Partner Evgeny Shestakov in the Personal Data Competence Center for Roskomnadzor's Urals Federal District Department and by its Senior Associate Mikhail Khokholkov in the working group.

The activities of the working groups at the Competence Centers are of expert nature only, contemplating neither the provision of any services nor the performance of any oversight functions. The experts are involved in this project on a voluntary basis.

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