Lawyer of the Company' 2012

Evgeny Shestakov as the judge will value cases of participants in competition to receive the All-Russia legal award “Lawyer of the company".

The annual award "Lawyer of the company", organized by edition of the magazine with the same name, is adjudged to the best in-house lawyers of the country. In 2012 the award will be handed out in the 4th time. The bonus level of "Lawyer of the company' 2012" is 10 000 Euro. The winner who came in first, will receive 5 000 Euro. The winners,who will be the 2nd and 3rd, get 3 000 and 2 000 Euro respectively.

The jury of the award stats the work at the second elimination round. From August 13 till September 26 judges will be valuing 10 cases which were placed by competitors on a site of an award and had scored the most number of points following the results of vote during the first elimination round. Winners will be unveiled on October 1st, 2012.

Judges of the award "Lawyer of the company' 2012" are leading representatives of legal community: experts of the Supreme Arbitration and other courts, lawyers of the largest companies, representatives of the scientific legal sphere and other the coryphaeuses of the right. Evgeny Shestakov, managing partner of Law Firm Group INTELLECT-S, is the member of the jury of legal award "Lawyer of the company' 2012".

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