Guidelines for Investments in Real Estate

Comparative research on Investments in Real Estate: INTELLECT among 39 law firms from Legalink.

INTELLECT participated in international research on Investments in Real Estate carried out under the aegis of Legalink.

This year, INTELLECT has been honored to participate in a large-scale international legal research on Investments in Real Estate carried out under the aegis of Legalink association of law firms.

The research has united law firms from 39 countries in Europe, Asia, South and North America, Australia and New Zealand. The participants were asked to answer a list of 18 questions related to the real estate transactions in their respective jurisdictions, including the following issues:

  • procedure of a real estate transaction;
  • types of real estate, registration of titles in real estate;
  • financing of real estate transactions;
  • costs associated with the real estate transactions;
  • rights of foreign investors in real estate transactions.

The chapter on real estate transactions in Russia has been prepared by INTELLECT lawyers leaded by Alexander Latyev, the head of practice 'Commercial Realty and Investment'.

In contrast to contractual commercial relations, national rules for the real estate transactions differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For this reason, such a comparative research appears to be a valuable source of information on specific national laws in this sphere which assists better understanding of the regulatory framework in the relevant jurisdictions.

Results of the research are published in the book 'Guidelines for Investments in Real Estate' which is publicly available.

Guidelines for Investments in Real Estate

International projects of INTELLECT, including activities within Legalink, are coordinated by Philipp Koverchenko, Eugenia Lomakina and Vadim Stetsenko, the International Desk team.

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