print Survey: We Get Nine out of Nine

INTELLECT-S ranks on top of all nine 2017 industry lists we entered for, including top federal IP and TMT.

Russia's legal Internet portal published its eighth annual national legal services market survey, — the broadest in its history: the number of entrants (more than 400 across Russia) increased by 20 percent, as 100 firms entered for the first time, raising the total number of presented projects by 30 percent.

INTELLECT-S's participation was the broadest in its history too: the firm made it to the top of all nine industry lists which we entered for:

  • Intellectual Property (Federal)
  • TMT (Federal)
  • Intellectual Property (Regional)
  • Commercial Court Litigation (Regional)
  • General Jurisdiction Litigation (Regional)
  • Employment (Regional)
  • Commercial Realty/Development (Regional)
  • Bankruptcy (Regional)
  • Corporate (Regional)

The key criteria for ranking entrants, note the survey authors, was client satisfaction feedback, which makes top industry ranks prized.

Evgeny Shestakov, Managing Partner: "It's not easy, if possible, to be fair to oneself. Lawyers need therefore independent peer review to gage their own intellectual efforts; is deucedly important to know that you are among the nation's best in your lifework, that the firm you work for 24/7 is the best. I congratulate our superb team — both those who shot for success and who handled the ammo".

Anastasia Makhneva, Partner, Director for Development, Head of Media & IT: "We showed real class this year, working a lot and beating all our own previous records, making it to the top of nine industry lists, up from four last year. And that's not only our own record; we are also the best among the regional groups! It means that INTELLECT-S can rightfully be considered a full-service firm. We have now the broadest list of competencies among the regionals. This is indeed our team's great and worthy achievement. We are moving forward!".


Roman Rechkin, Senior Partner, Head of Litigation: "The survey and our position in it fit my own sense of the situation from within: we are qualitatively growing indeed. Our high IP expertise is self-explanatory and almost natural, both in registration and in litigation. But our general courtroom background, both in commercial and general jurisdiction litigation, is growing tangibly. We feel an explosive growth in the complexity of cases and issues we address in corporate and especially in bankruptcy. I'd note separately our employment practice and its head Anna Ustyushenko. Employment is a fairly difficult industry in Russia where we generally represent employers. There are no simple cases in that field, if only because they are tried in courts of general jurisdiction. That's why I realize how hard it was to make for our colleagues in Employment to make it to the top in their group; they are true first-class professionals. Generally, though, our overall ranking is the result of collective work of everybody, from junior associate to managing partner. It feels nice to be a top-class team, and nicer still when it's fairly recognized!".


Maxim Labzin, Partner, Head of IP Litigation: "If clients and peers give a positive mark to our work, it means we get it right. And getting it right is a good thing. That's why it feels nice to rank this high again."


Anna Ustyushenko, Partner, Head of Employment: "INTELLECT-S's ranked in Employment — and made it to the regional top group! — in for the first time in 2017. This is a success that stimulates and inspires for gunning on in our practice. I am very grateful to my coworkers in Employment for years of their toil and experience, for their emotional investment and time inevitably inherent in employment cases! I am very glad, friends, that our work is so highly appreciated. A huge thank you to my all coworkers involved in the preparation of materials for the survey. Your work is colossal and much appreciated!".


Alexander Latyev, Partner, Head of Real Estate: "This new survey has demonstrated that legal services business is burgeoning in Russia, and that the players don't let grass grow under their feet. INTELLECT-S exemplifies that there is no distinct divide any longer between metropolitan and regional legal services business that used to be worlds apart, in some industries a while ago. Companies born as regional expand nationwide and compete on par with market leaders".

Olga Zhdanova, Head of Bankruptcy and Corporate & M&A: "It's always gladdening to see not only results of your own work, but also the great positive progress from each past year. I see our 2017 ranks as our common great victory: we have not only retained the achievements of the previous year, but also overtook ourselves in many ways and even overshot the target. Entering for nine industries and getting marks in each is undoubtedly cool. I note, of course, our return to the top bankruptcy list, and we will be trying to make it to the first top positions".

Apart from ranking entrants by industry, surveys and ranks firms, federally and regionally, by earning and fee-earner count. INTELLECT-S has ranked for years among the top fifty players in the legal service market headquartered outside the metropolis.

The gala award ceremony took place in Moscow on December 7, 2017. Photos >>

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